/ Doce artistas en el Museo del Prado

Doce artistas en el Museo del Prado brings together the twenty-four works done by a series of female artists, all of them indispensable names in contemporary creation, and belonging to different generations and styles: Isabel Baquedano, Carmen Calvo, Naia del Castillo, Cristina García Rodero, Cristina Iglesias, Carmen Laffón, Ouka Leele, Eva Lootz, Blanca Muñoz, Isabel Quintanilla, Soledad Sevilla and Susana Solano.
Each has made two serial works-etchings, lithographs, serigraphs or photographs whose direct source of inspiration has been the Prado Museum.
The main objective of this exhibition is to encourage reflection on the patent dialogue that is established between the art of the past and the present, showing the public the great presence of ancient masters in the production of contemporary artists.