laSIA. Research group UPV/EHU

2016 - ONGOING

laSIA is a research group of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of the Basque Country. The name of the group has its origin in a project initiated in 2016, entitled The place of the subject in artistic research based on practice. From this title we take the acronym SIA - Subject, Research, Art (El lugar del sujeto en la investigación artística basada en la práctica) - that we accompany with the feminine article. The basic purpose of the work done to date is to explore the research dimension of artistic practice. In laSIA we understand the practice of art as an experience of knowing, and as researchers we position ourselves in the place of the subject-artist. From that place of reflective practice we try to draw not so much a theoretical knowledge, but a practical experimentation that allows us to open avenues for the creation and exhibition of artistic research.