Relaciones entre escultura, fotografía
y acción en la práctica artística propia

MAY 2018

Abstract: This article is a revision of the own artistic work carried out from the year 2000 to 2017 forming a set of photographic and sculptural works under the titles Atrapados, Sobre la seducción, Ofrendas y Posesiones, Desplazamientos, Flujos and Hilos y Trazos. In this own experience, the notion of the abject establishes vehicular energy and the functional axis of the artistic work, for both the interdisciplinary nature of its functioning and the unbreakable subject that it questions. In this way, observation, the notion of the abject and the articulation of sculpture, photography and action will be the three points to develop. These, used in the way the artist integrate them, build the work in form and substance. In this sense, they interweave seemingly different concepts such as appearance or presence, the moment, duration or timelessness, together with uses of the fetish or the conceptual double. All this raises a reflection of reality, not to represent it but to give replication.

MHCJ no 9 (2) | Año 2018 - Artículo no 16 (131) - Páginas 423 a 444 -