Commissioned works


Under the direction of Francisco Calvo Serraller, the Foundation published in the spring of 2007 this co-llective work bringing together 24 works by 12 contemporary artists.
Each of them, Elizabeth Baquedano, Carmen Calvo, Naia del Castillo, Cristina García Rodero, Cristina Iglesias, Carmen Laffón, Ouka Lele, Eva Lootz, Blanca Muñoz, Isabel Quintanilla, Soledad Sevilla and Susana Solano, creating indispensable names current Spanish belonging to different generations and styles, made ​​for the occasion 2 works in various techniques, ta-king as inspiration the Museum, his works, the masters who created them or the visiting public.
The collection shows how the artist relates century ancient artists, thus fostering a new interpretation of the enduring influence exercised by the ancient art of contemporary art production, while expressing a renewed vision of the definitions and aesthetic appreciation of works of the Prado.
The museum as a meeting place between past, present and, why not, the future of art, exhibited the co-llection in the Villanueva building, between May 10 and July 15, 2007.