Commissioned works


Artistic team Concept and direction: Olga Tragant
Created: Mara Smaldone, Clara Tena, Olga Tragant and Mariblanca Miryam Garcia
Interpretació: Mara Smaldone, Clara Tena
Scenic objects and costumes: Naia del Castillo
Sound space: Judit Farrés (original), Joan Saura i Anna Subirana (enregistrada)
Lighting design: Manu Martínes

Com voldria Ser was born of a concern in our society: the desire to obtain and maintain beauty.
Com Voldria Ser suggests the fragility of the body, physical beauty and aggressiveness to get it. Beauty is exposed and hide, is the natural and the artificial, is being reflected in the
other, liking and not liking. In Com voldria Ser is presented a score of dissonances that show women as a multiple subject, plural and sometimes contradictory: Predominantly struggle and dissatisfied, in search of an ideal that we build and never ends up being.
The paper proposes a reflection through the poe-tics of the body and movement, on various topics related to the desire: the body object, the industry body, sensitive body, the metamorphosis of the body, the body and the self-esteem, body and seduction.